In this library, you will find all kinds of useful documents on the areas in which AseBio works: healthcare, agrifood, bioeconomy, internationalization and funding. These are documents, compiled by our committees and workgroups or from external sources, that we feel are relevant for understanding and promoting the biotechnology sector.
Here you will find our positions on and proposals for key topics in the sector. Searching by category will help you find what you are interested in quickly. Most of our documents are in Spanish and only a selection has been included in this library. Visit our Spanish website to find more materials.
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Biotechnolgy in the sustainable development goals
Guide of biotechnology companies by activity areas
Presentation of the report 'Propuestas para incrementar la competitividad del sistema español de incentivos a la I+D+I' (Spanish)

The Spanish Bioindustry Association (Asebio) presented in July 2019 the report Propuestas para incrementar la competitividad del sistema español de I+D+I. The document analyses the Spanish public policies to support R&D&I  and compares them with the policies implemented by countries around us.

Informe propuestas para incrementar la competitividad del sistema español de I+D+I (Spanish)

The report 'Propuestas para incrementar la competitividad del sistema español de incentivos a la I+D+i' analyses macroeconomic data and investigates the processes and practices to boost innovation defined in Spain and nearby countries. It specially explores the relationship between public investment and companies investment in R&D&I focusing on biotech sector.

Asebio Position Paper on Industrial Biotechnology (Spanish)

Industrial biotechnology is changing the way people work in many industries and is revealed as a key sector in the race for a stronger and more sustainable bioeconomy.

This document shows what are the requirements to boost BI for a more competitive Europe.

[Document only in Spanish]

Bioeconomy, Industrial biotechnology, Circular economy
Asebio Position Paper on Biosimilars (Spanish)

In recent decades, biotechnology has allowed the development of more than 650 innovative biological drugs to treat diseases such as cancer and other serious neurological, rheumatologic or endocrine diseases, among others.

This document tries to shed light on the complexity and specific characteristics of biological medicines and analyzes the degree of access of patients to these innovations in our country.

[Document only in Spanish]

Healthcare, Innovative drugs, Market access
ValorPlus Project Presentation

Summary of objectives and main activities of the Valor Plus project (Recovery of Biorefinery By-products), developed within the framework of the 7th EU Framework Program (2013-2017)

Bioeconomy, Industrial biotechnology, EU projects
Services Council FactSheet

This document describes the services offered by several Asebio members and in which phase of the value chain their activity is concentrated.

Services Council Pipeline

Summary table of the services available in the pharmaceutical value chain