Arrays For Cell Nanodevices


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Elena Rivas
Calle Génova, 11
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Arrays-for-cell Nanodevices S.L (A4Cell) develops a new kind of microdevices that combines the advantages of current arrays by the miniaturization more than 1 billion times of the planar array concept. SPAchips add the possibility of being introduced in alive cells to the advantages of PA, allowing thus to track cell physiology for periods of time unreachable with the current methods.  

A4Cell goal is to make this valid new tool for the study of cellular biochemistry and physiopathology available for researchers and pharmaceutical industry, laying the foundations for a new type of precise assays in the biomedicine field.


Products and services

A4Cell’s develops multiplexed SPAchip kits to be used monitoring cellular pathways of pharmacological or research bioscience interest.
Further, it is could be combined with specialized software for Single cell imaging allowing to detect, identify and read SPAchips in microscopy images to offer an easy way to work with alive single cells 

Areas of interest for future collaborations

The market can be segmented by technology or instrument type. 
The technology of A4Cell finds its place in the segment “single cell alive imaging” by microscopy, flow cytometry and cell-counter imaging analysis

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