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Contact information

Ferrer inCode, SL
Jordi Puig, Director General
Avda. Diagonal, 549

Ferrer inCode's goal is to offer personalized medicine services that make it easier for health professionals to make decisions on disease prevention. In so doing, it contributes to the improvement of the therapeutic targets of treatment and consequently on the quality of life of patients whose pathologies, such as cardiovascular and oncological diseases, have a major impact on the health system.

Products and services

Ferrer inCode?s services are based mainly on the latest genomic, proteomic technologies.

  • CardioinCode®, DNA-Chip analyzes more than 111 genes to determine the risk to suffer a cardiovascular event in patients with moderate risk and will identify the altered signaling pathways with cardiovascular significance for the patient.
  • Sudd inCode ® DNA-Chip determines the risk to suffer sudden death identifying more than 50 genes associated to arrhythmic congenital syndrome and cardiomyopathys.
  • Nutrichip®, DNA-chip for apply nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics to personalize the diet and to identify the genetic causes of the obesity.
  • MammaPrint® measures the expression of a ser of 70 genes which means that patients can classified as having low or high risk of relapse so that adjuvant chemotherapy is delivered only to those patients who really need it.
  • CancerType® uses a gene expression analysis comprising 92 genes and can locates the primary tumor among 54 different types of tumors.
  • ADTect® evaluation of the genetic profile of 96 genes which help diagnose an illness of he central nervous system. This provides the doctor with a practical, less invasive and quick methodology.