Contact information

Immunostep, SL
D. Ricardo Jara Acevedo, Consejero Delegado
Avda. Universidad de Coimbra s/n.
Areas of activities
  • A. Health Biotechnology
    • Areas of activity
      • In vitro diagnostics
    • Therapeutic areas
      • Cardiovascular diseases and circulatory system
      • Genetic and rare diseases
      • Oncology
      • Blood and lymphatic system
  • D. Services
    • R&D services
      • Proteomics
      • CRO / CMO / SMO
    • Professional services

Immunostep is a biotech company focused in the proteomic area that research, develop, produce and market reagents and technologies both for research and diagnostics based on techniques such as Flow Cytometry, Proteomic Arrays or Multiplex Technology.

Products and services

Our product areas include human and mouse cell immunophenotyping, human recombinant proteins, apoptosis, cytokines and growth factors, cell-cycle analysis, detection and quantification proteins.

Areas of interest for future collaborations

Immunostep has its own research and diagnostics product development, production and quality control capabilities both for research nd diagnosis products (EN ISO 13485:2003/AC:2007, Health License to Manufacture IVD)

We have a multidisciplinary program, which includes the production of antibodies, recombinant proteins and different protein array formats for the development of technologies, solutions and diagnostic kits in vitro.

At present we have in our pipeline, developments related to hematological malignancies, respiratory and other illnesses.

Biotech Sanitaria

Research Platforms
Product / Service Type Development phase
Reagents Enabling Technologies Preclinical
Diagnostics and Personalised Medicine
Product / Service Type Therapeutic area Development phase
Disposable device for leukocyte separation Diagnostic Inmunología, Sangre y sistema linfático Preclinical
Hemodiluciín (Bmplex) Diagnostic Sangre y sistema linfático Clinical Validation