Spinally Medical S.L.


Contact information

Spinally Medical S.L.
Pawel Soluch
Areas of activities
  • Medical devices
  • Analgesia & Pain
  • Central nervous system

Spinally Medical is a pioneering neurotechnology company established by seasoned professionals in medicine, engineering and executive management. Our primary objective is to transform the management of chronic pain through the development of the world´s first intrathecal electrode for spinal cord simulation (iSCS), designed for easy and safe implantation. 

Our innovation not only holds the potential for sustainable and efficient chronic pain treatment but also offers opportunities in neurorehabilitation, neurorestoration, Spasticity, Parkinson´s disease, Refractory Angina Pectoris, and various other neurological disorders. 

Products and services

Our product the FutureLead, provides unmatched recording quality and precise stimulation, paving the way for personalized neuromodulation.

Areas of interest for future collaborations

We are always eager to form alliances with universities, scientist, and clinicians who are interested in developing new treatment methods based on neuromodulation.