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The worrying and increasing development of bacterial resistance has led to the search of alternative substances to antibiotics. One of them is the application of phage-encoded lytic proteins, known as enzybiotics, on which our company is focused.

Telum Therapeutics SL is a global drug discovery biotechnology company specializing in the use of Engineered Phage Lytic Proteins as new antimicrobial products.

Numerous studies place the bacteriophages and, specially, their lytic enzymes, as one of the most promising alternatives to the traditional antibiotics. For this reason, Telum Therapeutics is creating a broad bacteria and phage collection from nature to obtain new bacteriophages and lytic enzymes with potential antibacterial therapeutic purposes.

Telum’s mission in the field of antibiotic drug development is to give hope to patients suffering with drug resistant infections by developing new antimicrobial agents.

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In Telum we believe nature is wise and we learn from the best properties of natural LYSins (LYS) to select them and construct from there, engineered phage lytic enzymes (EPLEs) with enhanced antimicrobial activities. NPLEs are natural phage lytic enzymes produced by the phage during the infection cycle or form part of the virion structure, and are responsible for degradation of the peptidoglycan layer of the host bacterium in two important steps, lysis from without inyecting the genome of the phage and the lysis from withtin at the end of the lytic cycle to release new viral progeny.

EPLEs are engineered proteins result as combination of different activity modules, that confers the final synthetic product enhanced antimicrobial activity or resistance to hazardous environmental conditions, or an advantage when treating an infection.

FRANK are modifications of the most active candidates to create a consensus sequences using what is usually found in nature.

By connecting chemistry and physics of proteins with machine learning, Telum is leveraging the combinative potential of LYS and protein engineering to advance in new research.

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