#NewMemberAseBio| "AseBio will keep us informed and updated on status of these markets and potential challenges and opportunities"

Meet KINSY our new member. We talked to Alicia Hernández, Projects and Business Development Coordinator of the company.

Access to innovation

AseBio. What does your company's work bring to the table and what is its strength?

Our services are focused on the development, optimization and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) at preclinical, clinical and commercial stages.

Kinsy, as CDMO with broad expertise in fine chemicals, we provide complementary and essential services to biotech companies for their manufacturing processes related to new active pharmaceutical ingredients.

One of our strengths is the wide range of working capacity volume (from small laboratory quantities to large volumes at industrial level). 

AseBio. What is AseBio for you?

Alicia Hernández. A platform for diffusion and expansion of Kinsy in both biotechnology and biopharmaceutical markets. Moreover, AseBio will keep us informed and updated on status of these markets and potential challenges and opportunities.

AseBio. When did you first hear about AseBio?

Alicia Hernández. At the end of 2022, after some time prospecting the biopharmaceutical market in Spain, and also by recommendation from some of our customers who are members of AseBio.

AseBio. What do you expect from being part of an association like AseBio?

Alicia Hernández. Getting wider visibility of Kinsy as a partner specialized in fine chemicals and with extensive experience in collaborating with biopharmaceuticals. In the same way, being well informed of all news from this market.

AseBio. What is the biggest challenge facing the biotech sector (or your company)?

Alicia Hernández. In Biotech sector, due to the high costs of the state of the art technologies necessary for reaching pioneering medicines and processes, it is crucial a close collaboration with the different entities/companies that participate in the industry (development of new technologies, scientists focused on discovering new molecules, companies with expertise in biological processes, companies with high experience in fine chemistry, universities, hospitals…). For this reason, the challenge is to convey all the technical capacities of each entity, in order to get some synergies which can help to bring new medicines to market in the fastest and most economically efficient way.