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Agrifood · Food & feed · Agriculture · Animal health
  • The Spanish agri-food sector has undeniable strategic value for the national economy due to its impact on GDP: Spain ranks as the eighth global agri-food power.
  • Within AseBio, over 25% of our members work in the agri-food sector, with presence across the entire value chain: from R&D phases to industrial stage.
  • This group focuses its objectives on highlighting Spanish food innovation and Food tech, as well as driving food innovation to achieve recognition of new types of nutrients for both human and animal consumption.

Healthcare · Access to innovation · Drug discovery · Innovative drugs · Personalized medicine · Advanced therapies · Antibiotic resistance
  • We consider that improvements have been made regarding the original proposal, but these continue to be insufficient for the protection, development, and promotion of biotechnological innovation in Europe.
  • Biotechnology has radically transformed the discovery of new drugs: 68% of the drugs currently in development globally are biotechnological.
  • The GPL is not aligned with the European Commission, which has identified biotechnology as one of the key 'deep tech' areas for the future of the European Union and its strategic autonomy.

Healthcare · Access to innovation · Drug discovery · Innovative drugs · Personalized medicine · Advanced therapies
  • Approximately 10,000 new cases of Parkinson's are detected each year in Spain, with a total figure exceeding 150,000 individuals.
  • Parkinson's is an extremely debilitating disease, there is no cure, and we only have medications aimed at alleviating symptoms once the diagnosis has been made.
  • Biotechnology seeks solutions such as the project "Development of new drugs for the treatment of Parkinson's through AI and massive screening of compounds," in which Celtarys Research, ZeClinics, and the Biofarma group of the University of Santiago de Compostela participate, coordinated by AseBio.

Healthcare · Drug discovery · Rare diseases · Personalized medicine · Advanced therapies · Antibiotic resistance · Climate change · Agrifood · Agriculture · Animal health
  • AseBio's health pipeline includes 130 molecules for 150 indications being researched by 40 national companies, with oncology as the majority area.
  • Spain stands out as one of the leading countries in advanced therapies: 47 AseBio member entities work in this area, and more than 30 have capabilities for their complete development.
  • 43 AseBio member entities take direct actions aimed at combating antibiotic resistance through various capacities.
Healthcare · Biosimilars · Rare diseases · Climate change · Agrifood · Food & feed · Agriculture
  • Humanity is at a critical moment for its future, with the need to promote more sustainable economic models that respond to social and environmental challenges.
  • Biotechnology provides solutions through plant genetic engineering, the revaluation of food industry by-products, new food sources and biofuels, among others. 
Healthcare · Drug discovery · Climate change · Agrifood · Agriculture · Industrial biotechnology · Circular economy
  • Blue biotechnology is positioned as one of the emerging sectors within the so-called Blue Economy, a key element for the European Commission to achieve goals such as those outlined in the European Green Deal.
  • Blue biotechnology develops solutions in various fields such as food production, energy, medicine, aquaculture, bioremediation, and the chemical industry.
  • Algae, bacteria, fungi, and invertebrates are among the marine resources used as raw materials in the blue bioeconomy and biotechnology.
Healthcare · Drug discovery · Industrial biotechnology
  • The current scenario shows a worrying bottleneck with a detriment to innovative biotech products, indefinitely delaying their access to the market.
  • Currently in Europe only 12 conformity assessment bodies have managed to become notified bodies with the regulation (EU) 2017/746.
  • In the case of Spain, we have the National Certification Center for Medical Devices as a notified body for medical devices under Regulation (EU) 2017/745, but it has not been designated for Regulation (EU) 2017/746 for IVD products.


Healthcare · Advanced therapies
  • With the creation of this commercial corporation, it is expected to "bring two advanced therapies to authorization and commercialization in 2027 manufactured in Spain."
  • The Spanish biotech industry is present throughout the value chain of advanced therapy development and manufacturing, with 47 entities working in this field.
  • Over 30 biotechnology companies have capabilities for the complete development of advanced therapies in Spain: from the initial R&D phases to manufacturing processes, transfer, and distribution.
  • The future Deep Tech Strategy takes up the challenge of the proposal for the creation of a High Commissioner for Deep Strategic Technologies made jointly by the four entities.
  • We consider that the strategy captures the cross-cutting nature that characterizes 'deep tech' through the involvement of various ministries, and an approach that covers the entire value chain.
  • We make our experience and knowledge available to the ministry to work on the development of the Deep Tech Strategy, and for it to meet the needs of entities operating in the field of 'deep tech'.