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Contact information

Biomedal, SL
Ángel Cebolla Ramírez, Director General
Avda. Américo Vespucio, 5-4. Planta 1, módulo 12,
Areas of activities
  • A. Health Biotechnology
    • Areas of activity
      • In vitro diagnostics
      • Drug discovery
      • Cellular Therapy
      • Gene Therapy
    • Therapeutic areas
      • Immunology
      • Digestive system and hepatology
  • B. Agrifood Biotechnology
    • Food
      • Substance detection
      • Food safety
  • C. Industrial Biotechnology
    • Fermentation or biocatalysis
    • Cell lines
    • Microorganism
    • Resins to purification
  • D. Services
    • R&D services
      • Bioinformatics
      • Biotechnolgy kits
      • Genomics
      • Metabolomics
      • Proteomics
      • CRO / CMO / SMO
    • Professional services
      • Consultancy
      • Training and spreading

Biomedal, SL is a biotechnology company whose mission is to develop and commercialize new technologies, services and products for research, bioindustry and diagnostics.

We develop new, innovating technologies for the progress of post-genomic research and the efficient industrial production of new biomolecules that are useful for society.

Products and services

The company develops its activities in three areas:

  • Biomedal Life Science: is devoted to the development and commercialization of products and services for life sciences research, and technology for industrial bioprocesses. Its own technology allowed the improvement of recombinant protein production.
  • Biomedal Diagnostics Food Safety: Health related bioanalitic systems, food safety products such as Glutentox, AlerTox and Oleotest, food analysis etc.
  • Biomedal Diagnostics iVYDAL: Focused on in-vitro-diagnostics (IVD) products and solutions for celiac disease diagnosis, gluten free diet monitoring and other auto-immune disease markers for post-transplant rejection detection (IVYLISA anti-GSTT1).