Talent and Communication

Comisión de Tejido Asociativo y Talento

We promote strategies that facilitate the attraction and management of our partners' talent. These strategies are focused on knowing the main data on talent in the biotech sector, the practices applied by biotech companies and the new developments affecting the sector.  In addition, we collaborate with other entities to facilitate the return of talent.

  • Foster synergies between partners to increase their potential with a comprehensive service through collaboration and involvement.
  • Facilitating networking, connecting partners and fostering collaboration between public and private institutions.
  • Channeling member needs and concerns


  • Generating a framework for action to promote young talent
  • Promote partnerships with the university world and the dissemination of biotechnology through the university.
  • Contribute to highlighting diversity and inclusion with a special focus on gender equality
Work groups
Communication and social impact
Javier Velasco (Bioibérica)
  • Coordinate the efforts of scientists, communicators, educators and entrepreneurs in the dissemination of the opportunities offered by biotechnology
  • Promote biotechnology culture in society through outreach activities (social networks, courses, workshops, blogs, etc.)
  • Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the biotechnology company
  • Achieving a notorious presence of the biotech sector in the national and international media
Talent and Diversity
Tomás Alarcón (3P Biopharmaceuticals)
  • Provide data on the biotechnology sector in terms of the number of employees, their gender distribution and their qualifications
  • Collaborate with other entities to facilitate the return of scientists abroad
  • To provide useful information for Human Resources managers of biotechnology companies regarding the profiles and remuneration of personnel working in the sector
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in Human Resources and best practices applied in the biotechnology sector
  • Organize discussion forums on experiences in biotechnology companies in the field of Human Resources