Global challenges like climate change, soil and ecosystem degradation, and global population growth are forcing us to seek out and drive a new, more sustainable economic model, applying new production and consumption patterns that respect our planet’s limits.

The biotechnology industry offers sustainable solutions to mitigate climate change and soil degradation, improve people’s health and tackle the demographic challenge.

It can boost and improve products and materials made from renewable sources, and food for animal and human consumption, while safeguarding environmental sustainability. It also helps improve water quality, provide renewable energy, improve animal and human health and maintain biodiversity.

At AseBio, 27.6% of our members are working on sustainable solutions with agrifood and industrial biotechnology as their main activities or a tool for producing bioproducts and processes.

Sector agropecuario

Tools like biotechnology allow us to improve human and animal nutrition and health and promote more sustainable agriculture that makes better use of natural resources.

Industrial Transformation

Implementing solutions from the bioindustry and developing the related value chains and new stakeholders gives us the chance to accelerate the transition to this new, more sustainable growth model.