Innovative Measures


Although the Spanish agrifood production sector is powerful and the research in this area, top-grade, less knowledge and innovation is transferred than in other countries around us. AseBio proposes a series of measures to correct this situation, benefiting the sector and society in general.

Innovación en agroalimentación

At AseBio, and through our Agrifood Commission, we propose the following measures:

  • Improving technology transfer in a way that is useful to the sector, with governmental support for the transfer and dissemination process (promoting gatherings and debates for stakeholders throughout the value chain, creating tax and regulatory incentives for SMEs, and making the patent application process easier).
  • Designing a stable, consistent regulatory framework that establishes clear procedures for gaining approval, launching and designing new products and technology.
  • Creating measures to support progress and promoting innovation in developing these products and technology: new funding tools and instruments specifically for this area, targeting SMEs; bioentrepreneurship training; and support for demo and pilot programs.
  • Developing market incentives that include tax breaks, programs for public procurement of innovative solutions and programs to raise awareness of agro-biotechnology and bioproducts in society.