Our priority in the healthcare arena is to promote research, development and innovation and ensure patients have access to the new drugs and therapeutic approaches from biotechnology, transforming the approach to diseases with unmet medical needs.

We are aware that healthcare spending is one of the government’s greatest concerns, and that it is a challenge to fund innovation in healthcare, particularly in oncology, immunotherapy and rare diseases. As the organization that represents the Spanish biotechnology industry and biomedical innovation, at AseBio one of our goals is to help make the national healthcare system sustainable. We work with the government and draft proposals geared towards making biomedical innovation available to everyone.

AseBio acts as a consultant to the Spanish Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare and through our Healthcare Commission and its workgroups, we focus on:

  • Promoting a legal environment and framework of incentives that encourage biomedical innovation in the long-term, fostering R&D activities in Spain in the biopharmaceutical sector.
  • Following up on and proposing improvements to legal and regulatory initiatives, in Spain and Europe, that affect any field of healthcare biotechnology (especially those that have to do with research, funding, price setting and market access).
  • Proposing and promoting measures to introduce innovation in the national healthcare system, within a framework of sustainability (funding methods in line with European trends, different prices for different indications, pay for performance, etc.).
  • Raising awareness of the healthcare applications of biotechnology among key groups (patients, clinical staff, students, government, etc.) and growing its recognition as a sector with high value added, giving them access to updated information and reference documents; hosting and taking part in forums, sector events and networking activities; and boosting visibility of the sector’s capacities.
Acceso a la innovación biomédica
Access to Biomedical Innovation

Biological drugs are the present and future of the medicine, whose impact in practice depends on whether patients have access to these innovative drugs and to more and better information.

Anticuerpo monoclonal
Biosimilars and Innovative Biological Drugs

The biosimilar and biological drug production process is complex and expensive, so it requires a specific regulatory framework that is not in place in our country.

Drug discovery
Drug Discovery

Our objective is to valorize the capacities of the Spanish bioindustry in drug discovery and make their contributions to improve people's health known.



Medicina personalizada y diagnóstico avanzado
Personalized Medicine and Advanced Diagnostics

We strive to make new advanced diagnostic technology available to benefit more patients and for patients to get more precise, personalized treatment.

Enfermedades raras
Rare Diseases

Industry and Administration must work closely to increase the number and availability of orphan drugs that can respond to serious diseases that today have no available treatment.