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Our priority in the healthcare arena is to promote research, development and innovation and ensure patients have access to the new drugs and therapeutic approaches that biotechnology contributes, transforming the approach to diseases with unmet medical needs.

We are aware that healthcare spending is one of the government’s greatest concerns, and that it is a challenge to fund innovation in healthcare, particularly in oncology, immunotherapy and rare diseases.

As the organisation that represents the Spanish biotechnology industry and biomedical innovation, at AseBio one of our goals is to help make the national healthcare system sustainable. To do so, we work with the government and draft proposals geared towards making biomedical innovation available to everyone.

Acceso a la innovación biomédica
Access to Biomedical Innovation

Biological drugs are the present and future of the medicine, whose impact in practice depends on whether patients have access to these innovative drugs and to more and better information.

Drug discovery
Drug Discovery

Our goal is to valorise the Spanish bioindustry’s drug-discovery skills and raise awareness of how they help improve health.



Medicina personalizada y diagnóstico avanzado
Personalized Medicine and Advanced Diagnostics

We strive to make new advanced diagnostic technology available to benefit more patients and for patients to get more precise, personalized treatment.

resistencia antiobioticos
Antibiotic resistance

Overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics has created multi-resistant bacteria that pose a serious threat to healthcare systems. The biotechnology industry is contributing solutions to this global crisis through research, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Terapias Avanzadas
Advanced therapies

Advanced therapies are the result of scientific advances in tissue, cell and molecular biotechnology and are having a huge impact on improving people’s health.