Do you want to be one of our #BioHeroes?

The #BioHeroes constitutes a volunteer basis community of people with a  good communication and dissemination

¿Te gustaría ser uno de nuestros #BioHeroes?

What are BioHeroes?

The #BioHeroes constitutes a volunteer basis community of people with good communication and dissemination. Skills or/and person with influence in the sector, motivated to support bioproducts and consider bioeconomy as possible alternative economic model.

Who are the #BioHeroes?

To be part of  #BioHeroes you must be a person who:

  • Are convinced that bioproducts are the sustainable alternative to fossil-based products
  • Are interested in promoting sustainable capacities and the qualities of these new products through support actions
  • Consider that the bioeconomy is the new alternative to the current economic model. 
  • Have very good communication and dissemination skills or/and person with influence in the sector

If you meet all these requirements, this is your opportunity to become a promotional agent of the Biobridges project our how we call one of our #BioHeroes!

Advantages of being part of #BioHeroes

As one of our #BioHeroes you will gain European visibility by participating in different activities to disseminate the project and stimulating a bio lifestyle that will be promoted in our various dissemination channel. Some of these activities include:

  • Dissemination and communication of bioeconomy and bioproducts: Establish primary partnerships between stakeholders and disseminating project’s outcomes at different geographical levels.
  • Participating in promotional materials: Videos (involving the #BioHeroes as testimonials) and the promotional material to pitch the stakeholders.
  • Joining European, national events and policy debates as a speaker to promote the project and encourage cooperation and dialogue between those involved in bioeconomy R&I and citizens.

Remember! If you are a person committed to bioproducts and sustainability, do not miss your opportunity to be a reference.

If you want to be one of the #BioHeroes, contact with: Beatriz Palomo or Sofía Garro