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Miguel Angel Ávila Santiago, Director General
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Neurofix is a biotechnology/biopharmaceutical company focused on the research and mid-stage pharmaceutical development (phase II clinical trials) of therapies for the treatment of neurological pathologies.NEUROFIX founders are executives and scientists with many years of successful experience in Biomedicine, designers of molecules patented and currently undergoing other clinical trials or even on the market, and with expertise in the management of national and EU projects.

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The cell membrane as a therapeutic target. Synthetic lipid analogues were not considered of clinical interest until recently. However, (i) the protection of the CNS by the BBB (a succession of lipid membranes), (ii) the high amount of lipids in the CNS and (iii) the lipid nature of most inflammation mediators that worsen neurological damage, suggest that rationally designed lipids could have application in the treatment of CNS conditions. Conventional drugs often operate through interaction with endogenous protein receptors that either trigger or block the onset of cellular responses. Due to the BBB, active molecules must cross a number of lipid membranes to reach neurons. In addition, over 60% of the neuron?s mass are lipids, posing a significant access challenge to medication, which is usually of limited hydrophobicity. Neurofix's modified lipids readily cross CNS membranes.

The membrane is especially relevant in neural cells, as it is fundamental for the transmission of the neural impulse: neurotransmitter receptors are embedded in the membrane, the membrane is critical to regulate the release and uptake of neurotransmitters and neural impulse propagation, it also acts as a selective barrier to external molecules. Therefore, the cell membrane is a promising target for pharmacological therapy. We have used advanced computation techniques to design lipid-based molecules (thus hydrophobic and with high transmembrane mobility) able to interact with relevant cell targets in a health-promoting manner. We have tested them thoroughly in in vitro cultures and in vivo animal models, demonstrating their efficacy against CNS-associated conditions.

We will carry out now the required Clinical Trials to put our innovations on the market, reaching agreements with Big Pharma companies to complete the pharmaceutical development, obtain marketing approval and reach patients. Specifically, our aim is to demonstrate efficacy (Proof of Concept) in patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) in clinical trials. Demonstration of efficacy against neuropathic pain (NFX88) and paralysis (NFX81) will increase the value of the company and convey the interest of companies with financial capabilities to complete the regulatory process and attain global marketing approval.