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CENER, BIO2C - Biorefinery and Bioenergy Centre
Goizeder Barberena
Ciudad de la Innovación, 7
Áreas de actividad
  • B. Biotecnología Agroalimentaria
    • Agricultura / Veterinaria / Medio ambiente
      • Control biológico y bioestimulantes de cultivos
    • Alimentación
      • Alimentación funcional
  • C. Biotecnología Industrial
    • Biocombustibles
    • Fermentación o biocatálisis
    • Monómeros y biopolímeros
    • Valorización de residuos
  • D. Servicios
    • Servicios profesionales
      • Consultoría
      • Proveedor de suministros y materiales

CENER Biomass Department performs applied research activities in the field of biomass, providing R&D services and technical assistance to all agents of the sector.

Productos y servicios

The area is focused on the development & optimization of production processes of bioproducts, solid biofuels, advanced liquid or gaseous biofuels, as well as biorefinery concepts. Indeed, the main pillars are focused on solid biofuels, bioprocesses and comprehensive sustainability assessment.

The main infrastructures in this department include the Biomass Laboratory (biomass & biofuels characterization and process development at lab scale) , as well as the Biorefinery and Bioenergy Centre (BIO2C).

The Biorefinery and Bioenergy Centre (BIO2C) is a semi-industrial pilot scale test facility able to develop production processes for bioproducts, solid biofuels, advanced liquid or gaseous biofuels, as well as biorefinery concepts integrating different valorization routes, as an intermediate step between laboratory and the industrial scale-up of these technologies.

The BIO2C offers the following services among others:

  • Testing and analysis
  • Product and process development
  • Tailor-made research contracts
  • Participation in R&D funded projects (i.e H2020)
  • External staff stages and training