How to join

AseBio is an association of companies and organisations that work in the Spanish biotechnology sector and have joined forces in their proposals and activities to promote the sector.


Each AseBio member has one representative (one vote) in the General Assembly. However, they can appoint different people to take part in the various committees and workgroups, and get as many usernames as they need for the members’ section of the website.

Membership fees are based on the type of organization and, for companies, how long since it was established, yearly turnover and company equity. For example, a biotech firm that was set up within the past three years, with yearly turnover of €600,000 or less and €2.4 million in equity would pay €560 a year in membership fees. The average membership fee for consolidated companies is around €3,000 a year. These fees are quickly amortized by participating in the activities and taking advantage of the discounts and benefits of AseBio membership.

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