Biotech Showcase Digital 2022


The event will be delivered digitally January 10–12, 2022 and January 17–19, 2022 on partneringONE®. 

Biotech Showcase

This annual international partnering conference is entering it’s 14th year and this is the first year it will be delivered in-person and virtually.

“Biotech Showcase™ is an investor and networking conference devoted to providing private and micro-mid-cap biotechnology companies an opportunity to present to and meet with investors and biopharmaceutical executives.

We are committed to serving the life sciences industry during these challenging times by providing two options to attend. We understand travel restrictions and travel confidence varies per geographic region, company and/or person, therefore Biotech Showcase will be delivered digitally January 10–12, 2022 and January 17–19, 2022 on partneringONE®.

Intended for executives from:
●    Established and emerging public and private biotech, digital medicine, and medtech companies
●    Professional investors in public and private biotech and life science companies
●    Pharmaceutical companies
●    Professional advisors to the biotechnology and life sciences community

Biotech Showcase 2022 provides two options to attend: San Francisco in-person January 10–12, 2022 and digitally January 17–19, 2022 on partneringONE®. 
In-person attendees are also welcomed to join on the virtual conference days and schedule one-to-one meetings.


Los socios de AseBio disponen de un descuento de $150 para el registro virtual y $200 para el registro presencial, sobre las tarifas en vigor.