Integrating Local Pharmacovigilance System into Global Pharmacovigilance System: Benefits of Regional Presence in Outsourcing

Webinar organizado por PLG sobre farmacovigilancia

Managing the safety of a global portfolio of pharma products can be daunting, and the ever-changing regulations are becoming more challenging. The recognition of these facts lends to the critical nature of choosing a suitable partner to support your needs and alleviate any challenges.

PLG’s webinar “Integrating local pharmacovigilance system into global pharmacovigilance system: Benefits of regional presence in outsourcing” is the solution you have been looking for.

This presentation will include the experiences of Dr Prashanth Belathur, Head of Safety and Vigilance, Pinkal V., Director of Medical Writing, and Lucy Owen, Director of Local PV Safety. It will provide comprehensive insight into the benefits of outsourcing pharmacovigilance activities to a partner with a local presence to achieve better regulatory compliance.

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