Peaches Biotech receives the Innova Health 2023 Award for the most innovative project

It is a recognition of the company, its professionals and the advances achieved in its secretome-based therapies

Premio Proyecto Emprendedor de Innova Health 2023 a Peaches
Peaches Biotech
Innovative drugs
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November 14th, 2023. - The recently held Innova Health 2023 Congress, whose main objective is to address the main challenges faced by healthcare systems around the world, is also known in the healthcare sector for its Innova Health Awards to companies, institutions and personalities that make innovation possible. 

Peaches Biotech, a Spanish biotechnology group specialising in cell therapies, has been awarded this year as the Innovative Project for the development of its own technology, based on the use of secretomes.

The jury awarded the prize for the new disruptive model for obtaining medicines, using selective secretomes. A research model and a drug production model based on co-culture and cell signalling for tissue regeneration. 

In the words of the company's CEO: "At Peaches, technology is one of the pillars that support research and we are pleased that the Innova Health jury has valued it. For us it is not just an award, it is a recognition that strengthens our purpose of offering more effective and accessible cell therapy treatments for healthcare in Spain and the world".

The ability of the secretome to do the same job as stem cells has been particularly valued, since the secretome itself is made up of a complex set of proteins that form the instructions issued by the stem cells themselves to carry out their function, and which Peaches obtains by co-culturing the stem cells with the tissues to be signalled. 

This secretome extracted from the co-culture forms the drug under investigation by Peaches Biotech.
The Peaches secretome means that it is not necessary to have the stem cells operational to treat the patient, but that you simply have the encoded and isolated orders, available for clinical use in freeze-dried form.

This is a paradigm shift in advanced therapies, which points to the replacement of the use of stem cells by secretomes.
Simplicity of handling in transport and storage, lower costs and a foreseeable therapeutic efficacy will allow access to patients all over the world. In this way, Peaches takes a further step in the evolution necessary to democratise advanced therapies.

"We have achieved a breakthrough in terms of Spanish talent by developing a Spanish patent with worldwide exposure and this will make a significant contribution to patients around the world, with the application of a modern advanced therapy," says Pedro Lapuente, Scientific Director of the company.

These awards offer professional and human recognition to those who make it possible for scientific innovation to be a pillar of the healthcare system, as well as shed light on new horizons in the world of medicine and pharmacy.