Drug discovery


Over the past 40 years, since the first recombinant human insulin was approved in 1982, biotechnology has radically transformed drug discovery.

Drug discovery

With more than 300 biotechnology drugs approved, for some 250 indications, and one thousand molecules in various phases of research around the world, drug discovery requires close collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms.

Spanish biotechnology companies, with a dozen registered drugs in their pipeline and more than 200 in various stages of development, have solid capacities in drug discovery, development and production. These have been identified and noted on the Map of Drug Discovery Capacities AseBio has created and made available to Spanish healthcare authorities to help them prevent and respond to any potential public health risks.

The main goal of the Asebio Drug Discovery workgroup is to valorize the capacities and experience of the Spanish bioindustry. This group, which is part of the Healthcare Commission, coordinates all of our actions in this arena.

Furthermore, the group works to better integrate and coordinate with other drug discovery platforms in Spain and abroad, sharing initiatives, information and experiences of shared interest. Also carries out activities to raise awareness among the general public of the contribution that new biotechnology drugs can make to improving human health and to attract and inspire young people who may be considering going into the drug discovery arena professionally.