BIOSPAIN, hosted by AseBio since 2003, is the main biotechnology event in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. The next edition will be held in 2023 and more information will be posted soon.


With more than 4,922 one-to-one meetings, a 29% participation from foreign companies, and a program featuring over 60 sessions, BIOSPAIN has earned a prominent position among the top European events in the biotechnological sector and is undoubtedly the foremost event organized by biotechnology associations in Europe.

BIOSPAIN 2023 brought together 1,700 registered participants (2,269 attendees) from 997 organizations of 34 countries.

BIOSPAIN  consolidate its position as a biotech event reference in Europe. In fact, the 4,922 partnering meetings conducted in this eleventh edition represent a 33% increase over the previous edition. This ideal scenario has allowed 88% of attendees to identify real business opportunities. Regarding the partnering system, it has been positively evaluated by 82% of attendees, with 39% expecting that more than 40% of these meetings have laid the groundwork for new collaborations.

Furthermore, the number of investors attending the congress has increased to 81, demonstrating that more professionals are interested in seeking investment opportunities in our country.

In this way, BIOSPAIN has become a platform for the next generation of startups, with nearly 5,000 one-to-one meetings and over 30 startup presentations made before investors.

Throughout the three days of the congress, the biotechnology sector has positioned itself as a driving force behind the new healthcare model and a key element in achieving strategic autonomy for Spain and Europe in areas such as the economy, health, sustainable food, and the green transition, among others.

BIOSPAIN is part of the European Biotechnology Week.

BioSpain es parte de la European Biotech Week