ADNTRO Genetics, a Spanish start-up with a multidisciplinary team involved in the bioinformatics analysis

The analysis focuses on genomic data provided by various genomic technologies

adntro team

ADNTRO Genetics is a Spanish start-up with a multidisciplinary team (molecular geneticists, bioinformaticians, engineers...) involved in the bioinformatics analysis of genomic data provided by different genomic technologies. It has three very different lines of work:

  1. B2B: working with hospitals and private clinics offering next-generation sequencing (NGS) services - exome, genome, and gene panels -, genetic counseling services before and after testing, and bioinformatics analysis services in a clinical environment based on quality parameters, population catalogs, and pathogenicity parameters (prioritization of variants in tumors and/or blood). It also offers haplotype analysis services with high relevance in precision medicine. These analyses include clinical dosing guidelines for more than 50 drugs.
  2. R&D: currently focused on the development of a new Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) supported and validated with genomic data and clinical information provided by UK Biobank samples. Many algorithms for the identification of variants that can give a higher risk of developing complex diseases have been published in the last years. However, there are still many diseases for which an accurate polygenic risk prediction algorithm has neither been developed nor well resolved. Thus, the aim is to use the UK Biobank data in order to perform a benchmarking and test both the sensitivity and the sensibility of ADNTRO Genetics prediction algorithm for several diseases. 
  3. B2C: genotyping studies through a saliva sample that allow a detailed report covering areas as diverse as genetic origins, nutrigenetics, sport, behavioural genetics, predisposition to diseases, pharmacogenetics, and innovative, curious, and fun studies such as your predisposition to mosquito bite reaction or several sleep traits – insomnia, snoring... Among the various direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetics companies, ADNTRO is the best rated by its users on the Trustpilot platform.