Almirall and Absci announce AI drug discovery partnership to rapidly develop novel treatments for dermatological diseases

Access to innovation

Almirall and Absci Corporation, a generative AI drug creation company, recently announced a drug discovery partnership aimed to develop and commercialize AI-designed therapeutics to fight chronic and debilitating dermatological diseases. The partnership combines Absci’s Integrated Drug Creation™ platform with Almirall’s dermatological expertise with the goal of delivering life-changing medicines to patients, marking another step forward in AI drug creation. 

The partnership represents Almirall’s first de novo AI drug collaboration, and it comes only months after Absci announced it could design and validate de novo therapeutic antibodies using its ‘zero-shot’ generative AI. Under the terms of the partnership, Absci will apply its de novo generative AI technology to create and commercialize therapeutic candidates for two dermatological targets. 

New open innovation call 

This collaboration agreement adds to the multiple initiatives that the pharmaceutical company is carrying out to expand the early stage of its pipeline. One of the avenues of collaboration is the open innovation calls through AlmirallShare. Recently, Almirall launched the eighth call to identify research projects focused on common pathological mechanisms and pathways that can drive disease in different organs and tissues and that can be translatable to dermatological diseases of interest. Potential conditions include atopic dermatitis, hidradenitis suppurativa, and vitiligo, among others.

Scientists affiliated to universities, research centres, start-ups, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies from all over the world can submit their proposals at until January 31, 2024. A team of Almirall scientific experts will evaluate the proposals submitted to select those that best meet the requirements of the call and have the potential to form a long-term business partnership with the company.