BIOSPAIN 2023: Biotechnology emerges as a response to the main challenges Europe is facing

The new edition of the international flagship event in the biotech sector will take place in Barcelona from September 26 to 28, in collaboration with Biocat, the Government of Catalonia, and the Barcelona City Council.


AseBio, in collaboration with Biocat, the Government of Catalonia, and the Barcelona City Council, is organizing a new edition of BIOSPAIN, an internationally renowned event for the biotechnology sector that will take place from September 26th to 28th in Barcelona, one of Europe's primary hubs for healthcare innovation.

BIOSPAIN serves as a comprehensive showcase of the biotechnology industry's potential to address the challenges facing Europe. "BIOSPAIN returns to Barcelona with full force to demonstrate how biotechnology is a critical and emerging industry essential for ensuring Europe's strategic autonomy", says Ion Arocena, CEO of AseBio.

The event will bring together more than 1,700 attendees from 850 organizations representing over 30 countries. BIOSPAIN provides an ideal ecosystem for collaboration between companies and investors, the discovery of talent, and finding solutions to the pressing challenges confronting the biotechnology sector.
In this regard, BIOSPAIN 2023 offers the opportunity to connect with over 70 investors through its partnering platform. Moreover, talent is a focal point of BIOSPAIN as companies will have the chance to meet young professionals and explore the latest innovative trends through Talent Day, scheduled for September 28th, with the mission of facilitating meetings between recruitment firms and professionals seeking job opportunities.

Catalonia leads Spain in exports of life sciences and healthcare products, with an industry exporting over 53% of the country's products. The region is home to more than 1,350 companies, employing 247,000 people, which accounts for 7% of the region's workforce. Additionally, there is a growing segment of startups and scaleups that achieved historic funding records in 2022, despite the global social, geopolitical, and economic complexities. "BIOSPAIN undoubtedly arrives at a crucial moment for Barcelona, and we hope that hosting this event will boost the positioning of Catalonia's BioRegion as an international reference ecosystem in the biotechnology sector," states Robert Fabregat, CEO of Biocat.

The role of biotechnology as a deep tech that is transforming the world has been demonstrated in the most critical moments of the pandemic. Through technologies such as messenger RNA, advanced therapies, microbiomes, CRISPR, precision nutrition, or the valorization of waste, bioplastics, and biomaterials, among others, biotechnology reinforces its position as a highly innovative sector that has turned science into an engine of sustainable economic growth and social well-being.

A program consisting of over 60 sessions that will analyze the major challenges of the sector

The BIOSPAIN 2023 program offers a clear snapshot of the challenges and frontiers setting the pace for the 'biotech' industry. Through more than 60 sessions, national and international experts will focus on health, the future of food and agriculture, industrial and digital transformation, the adoption of innovation into the system, the green transition, advanced therapies, antibiotic resistance, financing, and the discovery of new drugs, among others.

The various sessions that make up the BIOSPAIN 2023 program will examine the role of biotechnology as the foundation for new approaches to health, as seen in the case of advanced therapies. It will also explore its role as a driving force in terms of Drug Discovery since biotechnology has radically transformed the discovery of new drugs. In the field of health, BIOSPAIN will also address some of the major challenges, such as antibiotic resistance, declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the 10 most concerning global health threats to humanity.

Access to financing and its role in advancing Europe's strategic autonomy will be another central theme of BIOSPAIN 2023. The adoption of innovation into the system and its proper reimbursement are key elements in the development of the biotechnology ecosystem and the levers that enable 'biotech' companies to continue developing disruptive innovations, as well as the starting point for ensuring Europe's strategic autonomy.

BIOSPAIN 2023 will also feature multiple sessions focused on how biotechnology positions itself as a significant ally of planet sustainability. The 'biotech' sector plays a prominent role in the development of new sources of food and energy in the face of challenges such as global population growth, climate change, and the scarcity of raw materials. Thus, the search for new sources of food, new mechanisms for sustainable and environmentally friendly development, and renewable alternatives in the energy sector will be central themes in the program of the upcoming edition of BIOSPAIN.

AseBio Journalism Awards 2023

At AseBio, we believe it's important to leverage an international event like BIOSPAIN 2023 to promote scientific communication. Alongside Biocat, co-organizers of this year's congress, we aim to highlight examples of excellent scientific journalism in our country and recognize journalists who give voice to the work of the Spanish biotechnology sector.

We have confidence that this year will be the perfect stage to showcase the excellent science, technology, and innovation we produce in the country, which is why we want to award the two best journalistic pieces (television, radio, or print) covering the event itself and all the knowledge that the biotechnology sector will share within the walls of the Fira de Barcelona.

The journalistic pieces eligible for submission to the competition will be those that provide on-site coverage of BIOSPAIN 2023 in Barcelona, addressing topics related to science, technology, and innovation in biotechnology in Spain, whether through television, radio, or a written report/news article (digital or print). Entries must have been published or aired between September 26th and October 15th, 2023.

Content may be in Spanish, Catalan, or another official language in Spain.

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