Early data from the 2018 Asebio Report predict a record in specialised investment in Spanish biotechnology

Within the framework of Bio €quity 2019, Asebio advances that investment in the biotech sector reached historical highs in 2018.

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  • Two unprecedented commercial transactions reached nine figures: Takeda in TiGenix for €520 million and Qiagen in Stat-Dx for €150 million. Record figures for the Spanish biotechnology sector
  • Catalonia becomes the community with the second highest number of biotech companies created in 2018

Barcelona, 20 May 2019 - The Spanish Bioindustry Association (Asebio), as part of its mission to drive investment in the Spanish biotechnology sector, wanted to support BioEquity 2019 in Barcelona as a “regional gold sponsor”. This event brings together the main investors in life sciences in Europe,

In this context of investment and innovation, Asebio is looking ahead to the first data in the financial sector, taken from its 2018 Report.

2018 stands out for two corporate transactions, unprecedented in our country, which were made by foreign companies and reached nine figures. These were the purchase by Takeda of TiGenix for €520 million and Stat-Dx by Quiagen for €150 million. 

At the same time, we are facing a year of historically high specialised investment in biotechnology. So much that 29 transactions increasing private capital by an amount greater than €94 million have been identified (1% more than in 2017). Comparing this data with previous years, we are seeing the third consecutive year of investment growth in the sector.

In terms of geographical investment, Catalonia is the Autonomous Community with the second highest number of biotechnology companies created, with nine businesses in total. Conducting a historical analysis, in the last ten years it has always been in first or second place in the national ranking.

The 2018 Report, the reference analysis document for the biotechnology industry and its conclusions, will be presented to the press in full on June 26th.

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