Asebio Investor Day

Asebio Investor Day, meeting point for specialized biotechnology investment 

Asebio Investor Day

As part of European Biotech Week, the Spanish Bioindustry Association (Asebio) is hosting its second annual Asebio Investor Day. 

This investment forum, which has put innovative Spanish biotechnology projects in touch with foreign and local investors, has hosted 280 participants, 60 investors from 9 countries and over 500 closed partnering meetings.

Asebio Investor Day featured various panel discussions on current topics in funding early stage biotechnology projects and how, in recent years, new vehicles and types of investment have come on the scene, like venture capital funds, corporate investors, crowdfunding, impact investing and public initiatives.

The participating start-ups represent a broad cross-section of the industry, with applications in innovative areas like advanced therapies, oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiology and a long etcetera.