Biotechnology positioned as a strategic tool to promote sustainable agrifood

  • AseBio partners develop almost 200 products to improve the agrifood system and protect the planet in a context of great challenges.
  • In 2021, Spanish biotechnology companies attracted 14% of the private capital raised by the entire sector 
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The Spanish Bioindustry Association (AseBio) is publishing a position paper on Tuesday to highlight the key role played by biotechnology in a context of great challenges for the agrifood system. Society on a global scale has been facing climate change for decades and for the past few months has been facing a new challenge, the war in Ukraine, which is once again putting food supplies at risk. "It is time to think about a new pattern of social development and economic growth that includes an innovative, knowledge-intensive and sustainable industry such as biotechnology," says Ion Arocena, CEO of AseBio. 

2021 brought about a milestone in that regard. In additionç to surpassing a new record in private investment, agrifood companies attracted 14% of the private capital raised by the entire Spanish biotechnology sector

Thanks to impetus such as this one, 30 AseBio member companies are developing almost 200 products to promote sustainable agrifood, in line with the green transition. These solutions include new protein sources, new ingredients and additives, different microbiome modulators (probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics), systems for improving food safety, bioproducts such as biofertilisers and biostimulants, bioprocesses and veterinary medicines and feed ingredients. 

"If we want to produce enough food for an ever-growing population while protecting the environment, conserving biodiversity and mitigating the effects of climate change, we must rely on innovation, science, and of course believe in biotechnology. We should start by promoting genetic editing, such as CRISPR in the European Union, committing to new protein sources and having sustained investments in R&D," says Richard Borreani, coordinator of the Agrifood Commission at AseBio. "Of course, for this, the agrifood industry must see biotechnology as a strategic ally and make the most of its potential, which is no small feat," he concludes.

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