International events

Eventos internacionales

This international events calendar shows all the different gatherings and conferences held throughout the year anywhere in the world that are of interest to companies and research bodies in the biotechnology sector. It shows the main information on the event and the advantages we offer for organizations interested in participating. You will find more in the full event file (just click on the name).

Date Event City Country Advantage
From 13/Sep/2022
to 16/Sep/2022
ChinaBIO Partnering Forum Hybrid (Sept 13-14 Beijing, China /Sept 15-16, Virtual)
From 19/Sep/2022
to 22/Sep/2022
From 20/Sep/2022
to 28/Sep/2022
MedFit Grenoble France

Los socios de AseBio disponen de un 20% de descuento sobre el registro Early Bird (hasta el 31 de marzo) y de un 10% de descuento a partir del 1 de abril sobre la tarifa en vigor.

From 28/Sep/2022
to 29/Sep/2022
Biopharm America Boston USA
From 04/Oct/2022
to 11/Oct/2022
NutrEvent 2022 Nantes Francia
From 10/Oct/2022
to 13/Oct/2022
World Vaccine Congress Europe 2022 Barcelona Spain
From 11/Oct/2022
to 19/Oct/2022
Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa Hybrid: 11-13 Octubre, Carlsbad (USA)/ 18-19 Octubre (Virtual Partnering)

Los socios de AseBio disponen del 10% de descuento sobre la tarifa en vigor

From 12/Oct/2022
to 14/Oct/2022
BIOJAPAN 2022 Yokohama and On-line Japan
From 12/Oct/2022
to 14/Oct/2022
HealthTech Innovation Days París France
From 24/Oct/2022
to 26/Oct/2022
BIO-Europe Leipzig Germany