Microomics enlarge its team with two new members this year

The Spanish company has decided to reinforce the bioinformatics-statistical analyses and customer service

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Human Resources

Microomics Systems S.L., the spin-off company specialized in metagenomic analysis emerged from the Center for Genomic Regulation of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), has two new members this year. 

In January 2021, they joined the Microomics team: José Castellón, as Data Analyst and Statistics Specialist; and Rubén Melgarejo, as Manager of the Marketing and Sales Department. 

The company has as its unique value a complete service of metagenomic analysis. Know-how and proven experience in metagenomics of our professionals allow Microomics to take care of all stages of analysis: scientific-technical advice of experimental design, management of send-receive samples, DNA extraction, preparation of libraries and sequencing; ending with bioinformatics-statistical analysis and delivering a personalized report with interpretation of results at an end-of-service meeting. 
Knowing the complexity of the process, Microomics has decided to reinforce the bioinformatics-statistical analyses and customer service, with the intention of maintaining the highest quality at all stages of our services: Metagenomics 16S and ITS, Transcriptomics RNAseq, Shotgun Metagenomics and Complete Genome Analysis. 

Microomics dedicates its R& D and provides its services to diverse sectors within the academic field and business: Public and private clinics and hospitals, Research Groups, Agriculture and Livestock, Consumer Goods Industry and Environment Industry.

The company is continually growing since we started on September 2017 and we hope our new colleagues will help as to achieve our objective: to be the Spanish reference for Metagenomics.