Proteos Biotech inaugurates new pharmaceutical plant in Barcelona

This project will enable it to expand and improve its CMO services, supporting customers in the manufacture of sterile pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmeceutical products

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The Spanish biotech laboratory Proteos Biotech continues its commitment to industrial and technological development with the upcoming opening of a new pharmaceutical plant in Barcelona to expand and improve its CMO services, supporting clients in the manufacture of sterile cosmeceuticals, medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

These new facilities, which are added to the expansions at its production centre in Albacete and its new offices in Madrid, are a response to the boom and growth of recent years. Since it was founded in 2010, the company, which belongs to the Moehs group, has continued to grow and has strengthened its position as a world leader and pioneer in the research and production of recombinant enzymes for use in biomedicine and cosmetics. 

In the same spirit, the improvements in its services and facilities are added to the success of its own brand of medical devices and cosmeceuticals, which has been internationally acclaimed since its creation thanks to its innovative approach ant its unique use of recombinant DNA technology. 

This is evidenced by the fact that the brand, which is present in more than 45 countries, has sustained the growth trend of recent years and has made major launches in new countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

The high industrial and technological capacity of these laboratories is the result of the commitment to innovation demonstrated by their involvement in numerous projects, significantly increasing their experience in the R&D&I field.

In addition to the manufacture of sterile Cosmetics and Class I or injectable Class III medical devices, these laboratories also offer fill & finish services, clinical trial material labeling, packaging and storage, as well as drug product development assistance. 

The new capabilities, together with its accessibility, customized optimisation solutions and a comprehensive guidance throughout the whole experience, make Proteos Biotech a 360° solution, expanding its horizons and contributing to achieving greater goals year after year.