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Ana Corrionero Pérez
C/Santiago Grisolía 2, 28760
Tres Cantos
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  • A. Health Biotechnology
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      • Drug development
      • Drug discovery
      • Screening

Enzymlogic is a contract research organization that represents scientific excellence in binding kinetics analysis for small molecule drug discovery programmes.

Enzymlogic's pioneering approach in Binding Kinetics and Kinetic Selectivity assays enables faster and cost-effective kinetic profiling, lead optimization, Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) and Structure-Kinetic Relationship (SKR) campaigns.

Our unique methodology provides predictive tools that deliver physiologically relevant insights earlier in the drug discovery process.

Products and services

Our services give you the data you need to make smart decisions sooner and help to optimize drugs with higher development potential and reduced risk of failure. We offer expertise and services in the area of small molecule interaction analysis in order to:

  • Promote efficient SAR and SKR
  • Improve decision-making
  • Drive chemical diversity and promote IP
  • Enhance drug's clinical efficacy
  • Improve drug safety
  • Help you to identify new therapeutic uses
Areas of interest for future collaborations

We are interested in enhancing our funding opportunities through programs such as H2020. We believe in collaborations as a win-win option, and thus we offer our broad expertise in enzymology applied to drug discovery to be part of any project focused on kinase or GPCRs targets.

Moreover we are looking for partners that may improve our business strategy getting our products to the global market.