BIOLAN Awarded as connected 4.0 SME in the IV Edition of the National Industry 4.0 Awards for its commitment to digitization

Estos premios reconocen el esfuerzo y el mérito de las empresas industriales españolas en el ámbito de la digitalización

Acceso a la innovación

On November 7 and 8, the V edition of the Connected Industry Congress was held at the Valencia Conference Center, the setting for the IV edition of the National Connected Industry 4.0 Awards. These awards recognize the effort and merit of Spanish industrial companies in the field of digitization.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through its General Secretariat for Industry and SMEs, created in 2019 the National Connected Industry 4.0 Awards, endorsing the prestige of the Spanish industrial sector and contributing to support the “Spain Brand”. Its objective is to recognize the merits of industrial companies that stand out for their digitalization projects and actions and for their innovation plans in terms of organization and processes, under the paradigm of Connected Industry 4.0: Business and Market Strategy, Processes, Organization and People, Infrastructures, and Products and Services.

BIOLAN has been awarded in the modality of Small and Medium Enterprises connected industry 4.0. These awards aim to increase the awareness of the Spanish industrial fabric about the necessary digital transformation. In addition, they are a tool for the identification, dissemination and recognition of successful Spanish projects in Industry 4.0.

BIOLAN is currently very focused on both the digitization project of its products and the cross-cutting digitization of its organization. BIOLAN’s new generation of biosensors comes to extend the existing capabilities of the renowned amperometric enzymatic detection technology through digitization, connectivity and intelligent data management. All this is possible thanks to the BIOLANglobal platform, a digital service accessible from any connected device, through which the user can, among others, visualize and download analytical results, control the management process, perform a global monitoring of the analysis in all its plants and configure alerts. BIOLAN is thus able to improve the user’s analytical experience and provide a more personalized and accurate assistance.

The digitization project has involved the creation of a new department, with new hires, where data, connectivity and machine learning begin to coexist with enzymes, molecules, electrons, etc.