Consolidation of the BIOLANglobal digital platform as a benchmark for comprehensive and intelligent monitoring of food quality and safety

BIOLAN is committed to continuously innovate and improve its platform to meet the changing needs that the market presents. 

Food & feed

BIOLAN's digital transformation process began more than 4 years ago, when it reformulated the product strategy it offers today. BIOLAN was no stranger to the paradigm shift that was taking place in companies around digitalised, both at product and process level, so it made a firm commitment to the digitization of its products by developing its own digital platform BIOLANglobal.

The well-known BIOLANglobal platform is an aggregated digital service accessible from any internet-connected device that enables global and digital monitoring of food quality and safety and facilitates more advanced and efficient analytical management processes. The platform provides secure cloud storage, advanced data visualization, customized alerts, traceability, stock management, real-time global tracking and other functionalities that make BIOLANglobal a necessary tool to move towards a safer, more efficient, sustainable and profitable digitalised food industry. In addition, BIOLANglobal offers the possibility of integrating the results with the company's ERP, creating a Business Intelligence adapted to each client.

Given the last year's success and demand for the platform, BIOLAN has just launched the revamped BIOLANglobal 2.0 platform, which marks an important milestone in its commitment to provide and enhance the user experience with cutting-edge technology.

The new platform features an enhanced user experience, with a new design that allows for easier navigation through an elegant and intuitive interface designed to streamline workflow and increase productivity. It offers advanced features, with a variety of new tools to deliver valuable information for day-to-day customer operations and business insight, from advanced real-time analytics to dashboards tailored to specific needs. It ensures enhanced security with improved data protection and greater integration capabilities, as this new platform is more flexible and integrates seamlessly with existing systems and workflows, minimizing disruption and simplifying the transition process. In short, solutions and innovations aimed at increasing the efficiency, traceability and automation of each analysis.

BIOLAN's goal is that these enhancements included in the new platform not only improve the user experience for customers, but also generate greater added value and efficiency for their business, helping the digital transformation of the food industry. BIOLAN is committed to continuously innovate and improve its platform to meet the changing needs that the market presents, and exceed its expectations.