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Contact information

Andrea Romero, Dirección
Calle Palmeras, 21
San Sebastián de los Reyes
+34 609840738
Areas of activities
  • A. Health Biotechnology
    • Areas of activity
      • Biodrugs
      • Biomarkers
      • Stem cells
      • Cell cultures
      • In vitro diagnostics
      • Diagnostic imaging
      • Medical devices
      • Blood products
      • Cellular Therapy
      • Gene Therapy
      • Biomaterials and tissue therapy
      • Transplant
      • Vaccines
      • Maintenance of cell cultures
    • Therapeutic areas
      • Cosmetics
      • Dermatology
      • Musculoskeletal system
      • Cardiovascular diseases and circulatory system
      • Genetic and rare diseases
      • Inflammatory diseases
      • Immunology
      • Ophtalmology and optometry
      • Oncology
      • Blood and lymphatic system
  • C. Industrial Biotechnology
    • Enzymes
    • Cell lines
  • D. Services
    • R&D services
      • Bioinformatics
    • Professional services
      • Consultancy
      • Training and spreading
      • Engineering

KONEXIO BIOTECH is a 360º consultant for biotechnological projects. At KONEXIO BIOTECH we know that biotechnological products are the basis of the medicine of the future. For this reason, we are aware of the need to unite the two great worlds: BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH and the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. This connection being the only one that will allow us to move forward and create innovative products that help the patients of today and tomorrow.

Products and services

Our main mission is to advise our clients (pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical devices industries, hospital production units, genetics units, foundations, research centers and biotechnological startups) to turn their research projects into products and that they can finally reach patients.

Therefore, our services are divided and completely personalized according to the type and needs of the client. For this we have a multidisciplinary team of great experts and with different work areas specialized in biotechnological products:

  • A SCIENTIFIC UNIT in charge of providing scientific-technical knowledge of biotechnological projects both to the rest of the units that make up KONEXIO BIOTECH and to clients, if necessary. In addition, it is in charge of conducting audits of the preclinical and clinical data obtained by customers during product development, evaluating whether it is necessary to expand this data from a regulatory point of view and, if necessary, designing the mandatory regulatory experiments.
  • A REGULATORY AFFAIRS UNIT in charge of carrying out regulatory roadmaps and scientific consultancies with national and international regulatory agencies. It is also in charge of writing technical dossiers of the products in question, both for cosmetics and for medical devices and/or medicines.
  • A PHARMACEUTICAL ENGINEERING UNIT in charge of carrying out conceptual designs of pharmaceutical facilities in case any of the aforementioned clients need to build from scratch, expand or modify a pharmaceutical facility for the production, control and release of the new biotechnological product.
  • A PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY UNIT mainly in charge of designing, developing, implementing and obtaining the quality certifications (ISO and/or GxPs) that each client needs to be able to produce, control or release the new biotechnological product in question. It is also in charge of auditing clients and/or suppliers for third parties.
  • A MEDICAL AFFAIRS UNIT in charge of carrying out technical audits on web pages and/or promotional material for medicinal products and/or innovative healthcare services.
Areas of interest for future collaborations

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. Hospitals, foundations and research centers.