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Desirée Teijeiro Osorio, COO
Edificio EMPRENDIA. Avda. Mestre Mateo, 2
Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña
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  • A. Health Biotechnology
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      • Biodrugs
      • Drug delivery
      • Drug development
      • Drug discovery
      • Gene Therapy
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      • Oncology

Libera Bio® is a biopharma preclinical-stage company spun off from the laboratory of Professor María José Alonso, worldwide leader in Nanomedicine, at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC).

Our goal is to develop, either alone (up to clinical Phase I/II) or in alliance with other companies, a new generation of Precision Nanomedicines, based on a patented technology, MPN Technology® (Multifunctional Polymeric Nanocapsules), aimed at improving cancer treatment.

Our lead project is centered on developing a novel nanomedicine (MPN-Anti-KRAS), based on a novel monoclonal antibody able to block specific mutations of the KRAS oncoprotein inside tumor cells. This therapeutic candidate targets a fraction of cancer patients for which there are no effective treatments, representing an addressable population in excess of 120.000 patients per year in the EU and US.


Products and services

Our MPN Technology® is a versatile, scalable nanotechnology platform that allows for the efficient encapsulation of a variety of anticancer compounds (“payload” of biologic or small molecule) and their precise delivery to tumor cells and metastatic cells, including to intracellular oncoproteins (“targeting”).

Areas of interest for future collaborations

Libera Bio is open to enter into collaboration agreements with pharma/biopharma companies to exploit the versatility of our technology and maximize the opportunities to bring new therapeutic solutions in oncology to patients.