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Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra S.L SODENA
Mª Eugenia Lecumberri
Avenida Carlos III el Noble 36, 1º Dcha
Areas of activities
  • D. Services
    • Professional services
      • Investment / Venture Capital
      • Sector dynamisation

Sodena is the instrument of the Government of Navarra to attract and develop value-added business projects, contributing to regional development and the creation of quality employment, working in:

  • Coordinating the design and implementation of the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) that promotes regional economic transformation and development.
  • Capturing, identifying and promoting the generation and development of business projects for Navarre, both locally and externally, through the use of financial tools, mainly venture capital, and facilitating the introduction of foreign investment in the region, offering at the same time advice and support.
  • Boosting business competitiveness by providing value, fostering collaboration and business growth.

Basically, Sodena works to try and ensure all viable projects in the self-governing region of Navarra should be able to receive financing to carry them out.

Products and services

Venture capital is Sodena’s main financial instrument when undertaking investment projects. Sodena is an active venture capital partner that supports the management of the companies it participates in. It gets involved in decision-making on the Board of Directors and puts its wide network of contacts at the company’s disposal.

Sodena has initiated a proactive strategy to capture business investment, with the aim of attracting projects and facilitating their implementation in the region. To do this it concentrates on the sectors with the greatest potential for creating wealth for the region, either due to the strong points of the productive fabric or for its pull effect on other sectors. These are Agrifood, Automotive, Biotechnology, Energy and the Environment, Information and Communication Technologies and the emerging Audivisual Sector. Sodena also offers investors interested in the region a wide range of consultancy and support services that cover all their needs during the process of taking decisions on setting up in the region. These services are personalised, free-of-charge and confidential, include the provision of information on the quality and costs of the business environment of Navarra, the organisation of visits to the region and support during the implementation phase.

The Smart Specialisation Strategy - S3 Navarra – is a medium and long term plan promoted by the Government of Navarra with support from Sodena, along with other economic and knowledge stakeholders, which sets to improve socio-economic conditions in Navarra by specialising its economy where it has competitive advantages and the potential for technological excellence. Sodena also collaborates with the Government of Navarra in implementing the policy to develop and promote clusters, which is a tool designed to encourage business cooperation and so improve the competitiveness of associated companies in the high priority areas of the S3.


Areas of interest for future collaborations

Biotechnology, Agrifood, Automotive, Energy and the Environment, Information and Communication Technologies and the emerging Audio-visual Sector.