Transversal Challenges Commission

Comisión de retos transversales

This commission is based on three elements that are essential for managing biotechnology companies, keys to business success: funding, human resources and communication.

In a research-intensive sector, with disruptive projects in the early stages of development, our work focuses on proposals to ensure easier access to public and venture capital funding, and tax policies that take into account the specific characteristics of biotechnology companies. We also propose measures to encourage Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) and to improve various aspects of patent law. 

We promote strategies to make it easier for our members to attract and manage talent, and communication actions to raise awareness and get general society involved.

All of these measures will make the benefits of biotechnology more accessible to everyone.

We have set up a workgroup for each of the Commission’s priorities.

Work groups
Andrés Ballesteros (Vivia Biotech)
  • To ensure that biotech companies have tools to deal with the return of R&D grants
  • To gather information about incentives for R&D in Spain and compare it with other countries
  • To make proposals for the improvement of the R&D incentive policies
  • To collaborate with other strategic agents in the sector to make join proposals for R&D improvement
  • To improve biotech SMEs support policies
Human Resources
Daniel Tomás Alarcón (3P Biopharmaceuticals)
  • To offer useful information to Human Resources staff in biotech companies that fit with the profiles required in the sector
  • To facilitate that personnel in biotech companies have the required skills in prevention and biosecurity
  • To facilitate the existence of an employment forum for professional profiles in the biotech sector
Javier Velasco (Bioibérica)
  • To coordinate efforts of scientists, disseminators, educators and entrepreneurs in creating awareness about the opportunities offered by biotechnology
  • To promote the knowledge of biotechnology in society by organizing dissemination activities (social networks, courses, workshops, blogs, etc.)
  • To promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among biotech companies
  • To achieve an outstanding presence of the biotech sector in national and international media
Members of the commission
Andrés Ballesteros