Financing, Internationalization and Technological Transformation

Comisión de retos transversales

This committee focuses on three key elements of biotech companies: R&D funding, the use of new technologies such as big data in biotechnology, and the detection of new markets for biotechnology.

In a research-intensive sector, with disruptive projects in early stages of development, our work focuses on proposals to improve public and private R&D&I funding instruments, as well as tax treatment that takes into account the specificity of biotech companies.

We follow the regulation to detect opportunities for biotechnology and make proposals to consolidate Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI). In addition, we are attentive to the evolution of new technologies that contribute to improving biotechnological processes. 

A working group has been set up for each of the Commission's priorities.

  • Carry out actions to achieve a dynamic framework of incentives for R&D&I and investment financing needs, especially for SMEs
  • Facilitate internationalization by implementing measures to facilitate access to complex markets
  • Promote participation in international R&D&I projects, as well as their leadership


  • Facilitate the development of the connection between Biotechnology and New Technologies
  • Contribute, together with other social agents and institutions, to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda
  • Promote regulation in compliance with ethical and bioethical needs, guaranteeing safety
Work groups
Financing R&D and business development
Carmen Eibe (Pharma Mar)
  • Improving R&D&I financing instruments.
  • Redefine the concept of a company in crisis and eliminate other barriers that hinder access to R&D grants
  • Simplifying bureaucratic procedures for accessing R&D&I grants 
  • Promote measures to reduce the consequences of the R&D&I aid policies of recent years
Biotechnology and Digitalization
Elisa Díaz (Merck)
  • To raise awareness of the potential of big data for the biotechnology sector
  • Establish strategic alliances with key entities
  • Connecting the sector's progress with the public agenda
New markets for Spanish biotechnology
Antonio López (SILO)
  • Accelerate the creation of opportunities for biotechnology arising from emerging health challenges
  • Accelerate the creation of opportunities for the biotechnology of new regulations its associated funds and the consolidation of IPC instruments to the generalization of the sustainability paradigm
Members of the commission
Santiago de Torres